Welcome to the Forrester SAP Jam Wiki

Welcome to the SAP Jam Wiki! Check back here often once the jams are under way, for frequent updates. To start, here are some of the questions we'll be addressing in each of the four Jams. If you have feedback on these questions, or want to add more suggested questions of your own, please dive right in and enter your thoughts here in the Wiki!

SAP Jam Session: What Should SAP Clients Know About SAP Product Strategy?

  • What precipitated the change in management at SAP, and what are its ongoing effects? What does SAP’s strategy in the wake of these changes now signify for Forrester clients?
  • How do SAP’s offerings stack up in the hot domains of Enterprise Performance Management and Human Capital Management?
  • As a customer with many SAP applications, how much should I commit to Netweaver, taking into account SAP’s 10-year strategy for Netweaver?
  • Does Oracle Fusion pose a long-term threat to Netweaver?
  • When a firm with an application strategy centered around SAP decides to invest in CRM, is it a foregone conclusion to choose one of SAP’s offerings?
  • For Forrester clients that need broader functionality than SAP currently provides, but prefer to stick with an SAP strategy, how much does SAP’s whitespace strategy help?

SAP Jam Session: What Should SAP Clients Know About SAP Value For Money?

  • All application delivery managers struggle to limit exposure to maintenance costs. What advice does Forrester have on how to accomplish this goal with SAP?
  • What SAP licensing best practices does Forrester recommend to its clients?
  • How should SAP customers prepare for price negotiations?
  • What should SAP customers be doing in managing application lifecycles to maximize value for money?
  • What is SAP Solution Manager’s place in the Application Lifecycle Management category?

SAP Jam Session: What Do SAP Clients Need To Know About SAP Data Quality, BI, Data Warehousing, And Integration?

  • SAP has assembled quite a large Information Management Portfolio – how does it compare across the major segments to the other major, or more specialized, offerings in the various categories?
  • One consequence of SAP’s acquisition strategy is possible customer confusion about which product to use, such as the choice between SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse and on SAP Business Objects. How should an SAP client decide which tool to use?
  • Have newer releases of SAP’s data management products, such as Netweaver MDM 7.1, really begun to address the issues that have been plaguing customers, such as being insufficiently flexible and scalable?
  • If I have both SAP and non-SAP apps should I even consider using SAP’s MDM?
  • What advice does Forrester have to address the difficulty in tuning BW implementations?
  • Now that IBM has acquired SPSS and is launching its own advanced analytics initiatives, how should that affect SAP customers’ strategy for employing SAP Business Objects Advanced Analytics?
  • How should SAP customers be approaching the problem of managing metadata, especially when SAP metadata is only one of several kinds that need to be managed?

SAP Jam Session: What Do SAP Clients Need To Know About Implementation And Support Services, SAP's Cloud And On-Demand Services, And Offshoring?

  • How should SAP customers go about selecting implementation partners, taking into account the size or scale of the implementation partner, its intimacy with relevant geographic and industry issues, and cost?
  • Are any of these factors different in the context of off-shoring or European implementations?
  • Does it ever make sense to keep SAP delivery and support functions totally in-house?
  • SAP late to the Cloud party, but is now working to close the gap. What is SAP’s cloud strategy today, and what is its significance for Forrester clients?
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